Leveraging Technology to Help Sell Your House

Leveraging Technology to help sell your house

Technology is constantly changing and improving to make things in our lives easier. Although this is the case, not everything has become faster or more efficient. There are certain industries that are behind the curve in terms of adapting to these changes. Real estate is a good example of an industry that has finally begun to adapt, partially. 

We can finally do things like signing documents from our smartphones. Fantastic! Unfortunately, not everything in the industry is that fast. Running a title report still takes forever. If the buyer is purchasing the property using traditional financing, the loan approval process takes as long as it did a few years ago. What if you cannot wait that long? Think about people in the colder states who are trying to escape the next harsh winter. Do you own a house in Michigan and need to move out of state? Don’t worry, there are new ways to improve the selling process. Below, we outline several ways that homeowners can leverage technology to help sell their home.

Virtual Tours

virtual tours

Before 2020, the use of virtual tours to sell a house fast was only popular in certain real estate markets. They weren’t very user friendly as a homebuyer to browse different houses. From the seller side, they were usually seen as nothing more than an extra expense. Now, more than ever, is the perfect time to use virtual tours to help sell your home. Think about it. How many people do you estimate bought something from their smartphone or laptop this year? Virtual tours are a perfect selling feature to highlight your home in a unique way. It also allows buyers to browse and tour your house from the comfort of their own home. 

Aerial Drone Video

aerial drone video

This marketing strategy is often used for homes that have huge properties attached to them. If it is difficult to fully highlight how large your property actually is, taking an aerial drone video could help attract more buyers. An even better example where property owners should leverage this technology is for large pieces of land. Large pieces of vacant land and farms are sometimes more difficult to sell because they are unique and attract a limited group of buyers. Either way, shooting a drone video adds fun and unique angles to see your house or property from. Similar to virtual tours, these can also be viewed from a laptop or smartphone. 

QR Codes

QR codes

As smartphones become more ingrained in our lives, so do QR codes. If you have been out to restaurants during the pandemic, you may have seen that certain places have you scan a QR code as you walk in. This lets you access the menu from your smartphone while at your table. It’s so simple and so easy, which is why it can help you sell your house with more ease. QR codes are easy to add to websites, stickers, flyers, and other items to help promote the sale of your home. You can set the QR code to zap the user directly to a website featuring your home, to pictures of your home, or even to the virtual tour we mentioned previously. Homeowners are beginning to get very creative leveraging QR codes to help them sell their house. 

In a world where technology is constantly evolving, new opportunities arise that we can take advantage of to make things easy. Homeowners can use virtual tours, drone videos, and QR codes to make the process of selling a home easier than it has ever been.

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