7 Tips to Selling an Empty House Like a Pro


The real estate market is often unpredictable, and when it comes to selling an empty house, it can often be challenging. Vacant homes don’t always paint a picture and create a vision for the future. However, there are ways to pull off a sale if you’re on a budget or on time constraints. 

This article lays out some of the best tips on how to get you started when selling an empty house, including where to start, who to reach out to, and the tools you need. 

Selling an Empty House Tips

1. Zoom into the small stuff when repairing

When it comes to showing a house for sale, the devil is in the details. Ensure that you’ve inspected every crevice and corner of your home and checked the parts you need to repair or utilities to replace. Wooden cabinets, doors, and dining tables are often victims of scratches and stains from kids or pets who roam around the house. 

Best to check for dents, scuffs, and nail holes as well since they’re often bound to leave superficial marks on wood or cement. Giving rooms you wish to showcase a fresh coat of neutral paint is an excellent way to highlight the lighter aura in the space, giving it an open feel.

2. Leave a focal point in every room

Selling an empty home usually draws buyers’ eyes everywhere, which is the last thing you want when entering a room. Try to create a focal point in every room you are going to show. It doesn’t have to be huge, but just enough to draw attention in one place. 

For instance, keep a neatly made bed with neutral and warm-colored sheets to complement the bedroom’s lighting. Perhaps add an accent in the dining area apart from the table by adding a welcoming pillow on each chair to create a homey and inviting vibe.

3. Keep the utilities on

Another selling an empty house tip is to keep the lights and other utilities running. Open houses may be scheduled, but interested buyers like to stop by and see if the maintenance is consistent. Best to leave the porch lights on and test the water pressure just to be safe.

You can also consider hiring a short-term landscaper who can mow the lawn, trim the bushes, and keep the exterior spot-on. If you’re selling during the winter, ask someone to shovel off the snow to keep the driveway clear and open.

4. Add some life to your space using plants and flowers


This is another selling an empty house tip to help visually stimulate buyers. Placing flowers and plants around the house, on window sills, and on receiving spaces could do a lot for potential buyers. Plants emanate a feeling of freshness and easily add life to any space. Buyers respond well to accents, and adding flowers makes them feel welcome.

5. Retrieve your mail daily

Whatever junk mail or subscriptions you frequently receive should be removed from your mailbox daily. This is often overlooked when selling or showing a bare home since mailboxes are usually placed outside the house. However, some buyers are meticulous when buying a property, and clutter could be a turn-off.

It’s a must to retrieve all your mail stocked up in your mailbox to avoid nosey buyers going through them. Moreover, it’s highly recommended to inform your local post-office regarding your move for them to stop delivering any future mails or packages to your old address.

6. Install or rent a security system

When selling an empty house, keep in mind that safety is always essential. Install a security system to ensure potential buyers and real estate agents are safe during a showcase. Apart from their safety, the house should also be kept intact. If break-ins occur, all the repairs and replacements could go to waste if someone decides to trash it overnight. 

Not all neighborhoods are safe or have homeowner associations to help secure your house while it’s on the market. Many people can also trespass in urban and highly populated areas, especially if there’s a “for sale” sign outside.

A tip is to look into companies that rent security systems to monitor your home until a new buyer comes around. If you’re a DIY enthusiast, you can purchase smart home devices to help you achieve the security and safety level you wish to keep when you’re not around the premises.

7. Alert local authorities and neighbors

Several neighborhoods have associations or groups to keep an eye on your property for sale. However, those who don’t live in a zip code that offers such should consider reaching out to local authorities or even your neighbors to simply give them a heads up on your real estate situation. 

When you let local enforcement know, they can keep a lookout on the empty house for you when making their rounds around the neighborhood. Alerting your neighbors that you’re selling your home will not only save you time from frequent visits but also an opportunity for them to watch out for any potential buyers who could be living next door. 

Go Big When Selling Bare


Preparing to sell your house is a big step, and if you wish to attract buyers who are serious and committed to making it a home, then following these “selling empty house tips” could do wonders. It is best to be safe and detail-oriented when repairing, cleaning, and showing your home to potential buyers. 

But if you want a hassle-free experience when selling an empty house, you can try contacting SEEB Homes. We are a real estate solutions and investment firm specializing in helping homeowners get rid of houses fast. We buy houses for cash and give you a fair offer within 24 hours.

Another foundation of a successful house sale is ensuring your neighborhood is aware of your next step. It’s all about the pacing and strategy when trying to sell a home. Good luck!

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