How to Sell a Home that Needs Repairs

The dingy attic, leaky pipes, and even the flimsy doorknob can change the quality of the home over time. Often, the repairs come too late or end up damaging what’s already broken. Deciphering whether the cost of repair is worth the trouble can be a pickle for many homeowners. 

Most of the time, they opt to sell the house or put it on the market for less when repairs could have given more leeway to up its value in the first place. How to sell a home that needs repairs is doable and challenging, but this article will show you a few ways to approach it effectively. 

1. Consider Selling Your Home As-Is

This approach is typically the most common one many home sellers go for when they’re in a rush to make a sale. This is often dictated by a need to move out of a city or suburb within a short window of time or for financial reasons that mean repairs and remodels aren’t financially feasible from their standpoint. 

However, most real estate agents and brokers offer to purchase homes with many breakages only to flip them for a chance to sell them on the market with double the value. The best way to get ahead is to list it as-is but to get a complete pre-inspection so that you can adequately disclose which parts need repairing or replacing. 

Thus, the need to contact a good agent that will tie you to a qualified inspector. From there, your real estate agent can help market your home as an investment opportunity for other flippers and people looking for a new project.

2. Get the Visible Repairs Covered

Some houses that are still habitable but have a couple of repair issues could still achieve a fair rating from inspectors by getting visible parts of the house fixed. Roof damage is a prime example, which many homeowners tend to overlook and only repair when a leak is getting through the house. 

It is best to repair minor damages in the roof to avoid it becoming a significant issue once you make a sale. Check out any signs of wood-rotting or damaged flooring like chips and cracks. These may seem like something buyers could overlook, but inspectors will surely hound you for it once it starts manifesting in other parts of the house. 

Replace all light bulbs that don’t work in any of the fancy light fixtures you have displayed but don’t use in the place. This could be an extra point deducted from inspection, which can hamper your overall inspection score.

3. Go for the Yard and Curb Appeal

An easy way to score some points is to highlight your exteriors. The yard and curb appeal of your home can make a big difference when a broker, home inspector, or possible buyer comes to check out the property. 

Clear out outdoor clutter as well, so any bikes or garage items lying in the yard should be tucked away to create a clean and clutter-free space. Best to get a hold of your trusted yard worker and get the bush trimmings, grass cutting, and landscaping in check before any showing or open house. 

4. Be Aggressive with Features that Make Your House a Home

When we say aggressive, we mean go hard with what works. There’s only so much you can do when it comes to fixing what is broken or needs repairs, but drawing potential buyers’ attention to the best parts of the property can make a difference to your sale. 

If you live in a duplex with floor-to-ceiling windows, maximize the power of the master bedrooms and up your curtain play. Using simple curtains with good draping accentuates the large window frames and creates a bigger illusion of space in the home. No one can deny the feeling of more space or legroom in a house. 

If you have a balcony, set up an intimate dining set with tasteful design and even plants to create a comfy nook that home buyers are keen to have. There’s so much you can play around with when you highlight the parts of the house that you enjoyed; if not, time to paint a new picture for those with a tremendous potential offer.

5. Lean into the Location

Those lucky enough to live in the big cities tend to lean on the location when selling their houses. This usually means that the chances of finding a home in a very convenient and bustling cityscape are the prime reason agents will leverage to make a sale. 

This can be done the right way or the careless way, but to get a good sale, leaning on what your neighborhood has to offer over your dingy house or apartment that needs a lot of work could work on younger people. 

The location is typically a priority for young working professionals, so knowing your buying pool can also make a difference. Those who keep a busy and dynamic work life in more extensive and populated cities are more likely to put convenience first over some specific real estate features. 

If you live in a neighborhood with a supermarket, a bodega, and a pharmacy all within two blocks, you’re on the right track of leveraging it for a higher selling price. 

And if you have buyers who are not keen on taking public transportation and prefer walking to their school or place of work, then a busted sink could easily be overlooked when marketed right. 

What Needs Fixing Isn’t Always Broken

Getting ahead of a good sale can be achieved even if you own a house that needs a lot of fixing. That doesn’t necessarily mean it’s too broken to sell; you have to know how to sell a home that needs repairs. 

Whether it’s maximizing your lawn power and making your curb appeal pop, or it’s advertising the perks of your location, there’s a solution that could help you negotiate a fair yet equitable price for your house. 
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