What to Fix Up When Selling a House? 7 Parts to Repair & Restore

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Nailing a sale can be tricky in an ever-changing real estate market. And homeowners are challenged with more meticulous buyers trying to maximize their purchase power to the last penny. This is also a way for buyers to protect themselves to avoid overpaying for a property that later revealed many issues. Thus, there is a growing need for you to know what to fix up when selling a house, such as repairing damaged or replace broken parts of a home.

We jotted down the most significant home inspection points, from utilities to landscaping, if you’re wondering what to fix up when selling a house. Potential buyers and their hired inspectors magnify these parts in every open house before final negotiations, so pay attention.

Home Exterior: What to Fix Up When Selling a House

1. Doors

Repair door lock

If you want to achieve a great first impression, the entry point is the initial indicator. Ensure you get a good start and check the house’s front door, back door, garage doors, and basement doors. They all get wonky over time and have bolts and screws that could be lost. This is usually why some doors are squeaky compared to other entry points in your home. 

The back door to a garden could also be a surprise entrance that the inspector and buyer may use to get inside the house. Ensure that no flimsy door handles or hardware issues take place. If it’s a sliding glass door, make sure they’re well-aligned on the slide tracks. If not, then it’s time to call a contractor for replacement.

If the garage door has a remote control, ensure the batteries or Bluetooth connection works fine when you’re trying to open and close the door. If the garage door has some dents or significant dings, then a new one would be advisable. Most importantly, look into the doors that lead to the garage and check if they are fire-rated and code-compliant before a house showcase.

2. Roof and Drainage

Worker repairing roof

It’s inevitable for every house to have some issues with the roof. Check if there is any breakage, missing tiles, shingles, or ridge caps because these safeguard your home from water damage. 

Suppose any holes or spotting happens, it is best to replace them before any other ceiling repairs. Call a professional if you see any damage in the underlayment because it might cause interior water damage, leading to a more prevalent roof leak.

Drainage in your front or back yard could be sloped away from the base; this may be why water is collected during the rainy season. A fix to this is to re-grade the yard or calling a contractor for any more necessary repairs.

3. Landscaping and Fencing

Check the fences and gates for any loose screws and squeaky handles. This can be a hassle if your gate is made with old metal. Wooden fences could rot over time, so if you need to replace that, go ahead and don’t hesitate since a basic paint job won’t cover the rotting. 

Landscaping your garden or yard is a must if you’re not keen on maintenance, especially before an open house or showcase. Look at the trees and extra branches close to touching the roof or falling off the gate. These branches can implicate the exterior of your home, which is usually the first part a potential buyer might see.

Home Interior: What to Fix Up When Selling a House

4. Cabinets and Appliances

Handy man repairing cabinet

The kitchen can be a crowded place, and when it comes to food prep, it’s one of the most used spaces. Remodeling countertops is one of the most sought-after repairs when selling a home. Over time, tiles incur cracks from excessive force or hot surfaces like hot pans being placed flat on the tiles without heat support.

Also, the cabinets tend to get wonky over time due to loose hinges. The same goes with clogged drawer tracks, which become harder to pull and should be unclogged before showing the kitchen.

Take note of broken knobs and handles that tend to have loose screws or could swivel as you pull to open the cabinet. This may seem like an inconvenience, but it’s a big trigger for home buyers. 

Applying a fresh coat of paint on your cabinets and pantries is necessary when fixing up the kitchen. Peeling and chipping can make the space look worn out, and a new coat of neutral-colored paint could help revamp the whole ambiance of the kitchen.

5. Plumbing

Plumbing is another significant component in home repair that should be prioritized to get a proper buyer to bid. Ensure that there are no leaks from pipes and the drains are unclogged and flowing smoothly.

If you have hot and cold options in your faucets, make sure they work as marked on the label. Some homeowners tend to forget that hot water in a home is a non-negotiable for some buyers, so it is best to get your trustee neighborhood plumber to check out all the glitches.

Bathtubs and showers could be just as compromising when you forget to replace fixtures. These include showerheads that are loose and only have one pressure setting that works. Ensure they’re replaced or fully operational when the inspector turns on all settings.

If you have a bathtub at home, check if peeling persists on a small corner of the tub because this would require a total resurface or replacement. Potential buyers could easily overlook a minor glitch like that, but home inspectors will be meticulous in quality.

Broken shower tiles are an automatic replacement that should be scheduled before your showcase. Conduct thorough checks on the exhaust vent if it’s still able to remove steam from the shower because problems with the vent could cost you in the final negotiation.

6. Walls, Ceilings, and Flooring

Two People Painting The Wall

Another vital part of the home that inspectors focus on is the walls and ceilings. As much as you think a quick paint job can minimize the issues, it is not enough. Some ceilings and walls tend to show leak stains from your bathroom pipes, which can be tough to hide if the walls are covered with wallpaper. It could eventually mean repairing wooden walls and removing the wallpaper.

When it comes to wooden or tiled floors, check for cracks, chipping, and small holes. Find out whether it needs to be refinished or replaced, respectively. Other decors like carpets should be washed professionally, steam-cleaned and ensure no pet dander or fur is lingering anywhere.

7. Electrical Panels and Circuit Breakers

Another vital part of a properly running home system is the electrical panel and circuit breakers. They tend to have fuses that break once in a while, especially when you have an older fuse box.

Ensure you get your trustee electrician to look into the specifics and, if possible, update the parts that are close to wearing out. You wouldn’t want new owners to search for details to get it to work for everyday use.

Down to the Last Tee

Whenever you’re doubting whether a minor glitch will do or needs fixing, don’t hesitate to get a second opinion on repairs and replacement. Learning what to fix up when selling a house is a must and could save you a couple of bucks on sale negotiations with a serious buyer if you remedy it.

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Remember,  a person buying a house is looking for a new and reliable home. So, please pay close attention to the house and its parts before putting it out for sale. Fixing off-putting spots and components in the home is a better alternative to having your buyer do it.

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