How to Stage Your Home to Sell for Top Dollar

When putting your best foot forward, it’s no surprise that all the right things have to be said, and all the right features have to be shown. So when selling a house, all the highlights that make it a home should not be missed. 

Many prospective home buyers find that the last push when making a final bid is how the place made them feel. More often than not, the impression they’re left with after the open house determines a future they’re willing to build.

But how do you compete with that? How do you stage your home to sell for top dollar? Let us show you in eight effective ways.

1. Maximize the Use of Natural Light

A big deal for many homebuyers is the spaciousness of a room, and natural light often plays a significant role in this. If you’re staging a living room and a bedroom with dark painted walls, make time to give them a new paint job. Preferably white to allow light from the small or big windows to do the work. 

This also means taking down the drapes, cleaning the windows, and changing the light bulbs in the rooms you want to show. If need be, do change the bulbs of the lamps.

2. Go for Half-Empty Closets

When showing storage, it is best to show the potential of the space. Try emptying half your wardrobe for the showing and neatly organizing or color-coordinating your clothes to show the room’s neatness. It is especially effective for the snoopy buyers who like to see things in detail – and yes, that means your wardrobe and closet too.

3. Try the 12-inch Rule

Many people who live in smaller homes like apartments or condominiums often push the furniture to the side to create more space. This is dispelled by interior decorators who recommend leaving at least 12 inches from the wall to arrange furniture in a conversational manner, popularly called “floating,” helping create a well-balanced room.

4. Focus on the Big Rooms

A common misconception when showing houses is that many sellers show all rooms when it’s not entirely necessary. For those who want to know how to stage their home to sell it for top dollar, the key is to highlight showcases of two rooms. 

This is typically the living room or the Master’s bedroom. Others opt for the living room and the kitchen to ensure that activities potential homebuyers will perform on the home’s first floor are well accommodated and thought out.

5. Take Advantage of the Awkward Spaces

Prospective buyers often overlook the negative or awkward spaces in some flashy open houses. However, people who are meticulous with corner spaces with not enough coating or a broken socket will mind.

Best to design such spaces with some accent pieces like a bar cart where you can showcase expensive liquors you own, along with the glassware that goes with it. You can also use large vases and fresh flowers to mask the faded corners in hallway spaces, popularly done in large homes.

6. Don’t Forget About First Impressions

The first impression of a good house often starts with curb appeal and the foyer. Pulling over a messy driveway and have skate marks on the ground are not great. An unkempt front yard is equally a distraction that can lead to doubtful buyers. 

Proper landscaping is a must when you’re selling a property like a house that has the potential for a great home. Another part to polish with character is the foyer. Add in a welcoming rug and a rack for coats, bags, and shoes if possible. This zone will set the mood for the rest of the showing; wherein prospective buyers are met with an accommodating vibe.

7. Hold Back on Over-Upgrading

If you’re keen on making a top dollar on a sale, then trust that your property will speak for itself as well. An extensive makeover may seem like a good idea when you’re planning to revamp the space, but sometimes the best way to make a good investment is to focus on the quick fixes and repairs more than the fluff. This means washing the curtains and replacing door handles instead of having a new door or gate installed. 

8. Prioritize the Kitchen

One of the most critical parts of selling a home is understanding whether or not the buyer is an entertainer or a cook. This will tell whether they love to welcome guests, especially those buying a home for a family. Spending money on replacing countertops and updating the paint job on cabinets could go a long way when trying to sell your home.

Top Dollar Staging

Contrary to popular belief, home buyers and sellers can be swayed for top dollar purchases and sales, respectively. Ensure you’re doing the most you can to stage your house correctly to meet the needs of your open house’s visitors. 

Staging a home for top dollar can be done in small but smart ways, don’t be overwhelmed by the nitty-gritty of the process. There’s a lot you can do to stage a house into a new home. Looking to skip the staging and the extra steps to sell a home? See what SEEB Homes offers to help make a quick sale and give potential buyers the house they desperately wish to covet.

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