How to Sell Your Home in 5 Days

Making a sale in a short window of time is difficult, and every real estate agent will probably tell you that as fact. However, it’s not entirely impossible, say 5 days? Ensuring that your house is backed up with the right pricing and marketing are essential to make a quick sale, but at the same time, having the right timing to put it in the market is another must to consider. 

Learn how to sell your home in 5 days and get a sale that works both for you and the buyer.

1. Go with the Mover

As much as you’d like to believe real estate agents are the key to a sure sell, not all of them are efficient with their strategy. If you want to know how to sell your home in 5 days, work with a professional with a stellar reputation for quick moves and sales.

Take the time to research and streamline the best candidates to help you sell one of your most significant investments to the right people. Another tell-tale sign a real estate agent or broker is a mover in the numbers. Let the numbers dictate their rap-sheet and show you how their sales and performance stats match their skillset.

2. Look for a Cash Buyer

Skip the formalities and the lengthy real estate process behind every sale and consider looking for serious home cash buyers instead. Try maximizing the digital space and look for online platforms like iBuyers that will sort through finding a potential buyer using cash. 

It will also help you save time from consolidating pre-listing preparations, showings, and home inspections. SEEB Homes is a superb example of an iBuyer that can help you sell your homes by buying them in cash and offer you various packages that will help meet your needs in no time.

3. Pricing Should Be on Point

The most important aspect of making a sale next to the house’s condition is the price you want to place on the tag before putting it out on the market. The real estate industry is increasingly competitive, and the right buyers come and go, so best to price them with a comparative market analysis to guide you.

A potent strategy that several agents use is to price the property below market value but within reason. This will give potential or interested buyers the chance to buy a home cheaper than their competition in the same neighborhood. From there, you can leverage a bidding war that will eventually up the final sale price higher than the listing price you initially set. 

4. Get Creative When Adding Incentives

When selling a house in 5 days, adding incentives that are still within your budget can up your chances of making a quick but sure sale. This means offering a few add-ons to meeting your initial selling price before the bidding. 

Some people spend a lot of money on the repairs and renovation and renovation, while others spend a little more on a new free security system or a new patio and garden set-up that buyers find hard to say no to. 

5. Do a “One Day Only” Sale

This might be one of the riskiest ways to make a sale in the housing market, but if you’re in a highly reactive neighborhood or zipcode that has people constantly moving from one area to another, this strategy might work. 

Get the word out manually and hand out flyers that will point to your property’s one-day sale with a free showing on a specific day and time frame people can stop by to check out the house.  

Maximize your one-day event and put the word out everywhere. This includes using social media ads and even Craigslist to see where your viewers will come from and gauge where exposure is most effective. This will give you a better sense of an interesting market and a chance to seal bids before you make your final selection of potential buyers.

6. Take Advantage of First Impressions

Making a good first impression of a house you want to sell in just 5 days is essential. The rule of thumb is to get their eyes sparkling in the first eight seconds they lay their eyes on exteriors and interiors. This means you would have to invest a lump sum in repairing the noticeable areas that need work. 

Apart from repairing wonky doorknobs and screechy gates, the shrubbery and landscaping require equal attention. Ensure you have a seamless curb appeal that would boost the exterior of your home. 

Don’t forget the interiors, and that means a big play on the senses. This means choosing the right paint colors to create a welcoming vibe. Ensuring the scents of each room are pleasant, and that means cleaning the bathroom and putting in some candles to get rid of the pungent smells. 

7. Connect With Non-Local Buyers

This is another excellent way to extend your reach of potential buyers. You don’t have to focus on nearby buyers who are interested in making a quick sale. Consider zooming out of the usual pool of clients your real estate buyer is bringing you and ask them to look into foreigners or people from other states looking to make a big move soon. 

This is where your real estate brokers and agents should maximize their social media and get aggressive with ads to reach out of town buyers. This means adding location hashtags, extending the reach of your ads to a 15-mile radius. Try virtual setting up a 360-degree virtual tour for those keen on showing their houses before they come to see it in person. 


Selling your house in 5 days is doable if you put your mind and energy into it. Preparing in due time and arranging everything that needs to be in order before your final bidding session can be achieved with or without a real estate agent to vouch for you. 

Best to think ten steps ahead when you want to sell your house in 5 days, that means making the most out of social media ads, going for out-of-the-box marketing strategies, and holding a one-day sale in your neighborhood. Your say and your final move matter most. 

If you’re thinking of selling your house in 5 days in the Michigan area, check out SEEB Homes cash buy-out packages for a quick and reliable sale!

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