What is the Best Website for Selling a House?

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In the digital age of real estate marketing, a compelling website where homeowners can sell their homes is golden. Finding the best website for selling a house is not a hard feat, but finding one that meets your needs and saves you time and money can be tricky.

If a web developer and content marketer can portray a real open house online, you can get yourself a good platform to sell your house. Let’s break down some of the most proactive and engaging websites property owners find themselves on when selling a home.

5 Best Websites for Selling a House in the US


A great online platform to consider when selling a house is Zillow. It’s not just a website for real estate; it’s a marketplace search engine that allows prospective buyers and sellers to look up all the information they need regarding a property. Users enjoy its interface because it’s straightforward with blue and white themes to highlight their branding.

The menu bar is quite straightforward in terms of functionality and has a drop-down menu for further categories that you can explore. There is also a convenient “Sign In” button on the upper right corner of the home page for Zillow members to log in to their accounts. 

Zillow also has a home value calculator on the website they coined as “Zestimate,” which boasts a quirky yet engaging way to get a home estimate when selling a house. Zillow also has an app that you can download from the App Store or Google Play for mobile-friendly usage.


Realtor.com is another leading US real estate website established by the National Association of Realtors (NAF), which was launched in 1994. Today, it remains market-competitive and evolves with new digital marketing trends, which you can see from their web interface.

The homepage is complete with everything you would want to explore on a real estate website, from the “Sell” option on the menu bar to the built-in search bar over a wide gallery of properties for an optimal user experience.

Realtor.com makes it convenient for interested folks who wish to sell their house to connect local and trusted realtors or provide them a quotation on their property’s value. The website also has an educational aspect with categories that provide readers with real estate market trends, school ratings, available homes, and rentals.

SEEB Homes

SEEB Homes is all about giving home sellers a win-win solution with no “sticky situations.” We buy homes for cash in “as-is” condition in Michigan and other neighboring states. Regarding the website’s layout, we use high-quality images as the main backdrop for the home page. The menu bar is minimalistic and displays all the possible options you would be interested to know about.

When selling your house, our home page gives you the immediate option to get a FREE cash offer. Just input your name and contact information, and we will get back to you within 24 hours. Quick and easy! SEEB Homes also has a range of informative content about industry trends and supplemental FSBO articles to increase awareness when selling your home.

SEEB Homes’ customer support is also top-notch and can be accessed on the website’s bottom right corner. The no-fuss and user-friendly interface is convenient and gets prospective home sellers immediate information. Props for not having annoying pop-up windows when browsing through the testimonials section!


Another ideal online platform for selling houses is HomeFinder. They specialize in connecting home buyers to sellers with a monthly fee of $39.00 a month. This fee comes with more than four million house listings in all states and updates the page with new listings every 15 minutes.

HomeFinder boasts a minimalist and neutral tone on its interface. With clear and high-resolution photos, the click-bait effect would work well on users to learn more about the property. The website also provides market summaries for cities and towns across the US and complete data on the listed properties’ local communities.

For Sale By Owner

Forsalebyowner.com does a great job in visually providing home sellers a convenient interface. It has a search engine at the top of the home page, giving its users utmost ease.

The best part about this website is the property value prompt they have on the page’s mid-section and the drop-down menu when you click on “Sell.” This gives interested folks who want to process selling a house a rough idea of how much their home could be worth without talking to someone.

Educational content is also present on the website, with a section informing readers about For Sale By Owner (FSBO) sales and real estate. This website ensures they are an equipped platform to serve interested and even non-interested browsers through SEO-friendly blogs and articles.

Factors to Consider When Looking for the Best Website for Selling a House

Couple selling house

Apart from getting a broker or putting a “For Sale” sign up, using a digital platform is also a good option. However, some folks are not used to placing confidential information regarding their property online, thus the skepticism of online selling of properties. 

Finding reputable real estate websites to sell your house is key to making a sale using top-of-the-line Search Engine Optimization (SEO) practices, brilliant graphics, site layout, and a user-friendly interface. Here are a few more qualities to look for in an ideal online real estate website.

Straightforward and Credible Content

Browsing various real estate websites can be tiresome if they all say the same thing but don’t give you the necessary information you want to know. A good website to sell your house includes a relevant platform that lays out straight forward content focused on building connections with potential home sellers and buyers.

Content should be credible, derived with consent, and educational. This means laying out useful blogs, significant think-pieces, or articles about the real estate trends could work wonders on viewers. The more people know information relevant to them, the more likely they will click on the “Contact Us” option.

Clear and sharp images

This one is a non-negotiable for real estate websites since many people online are visual learners. Photography and color will always impact people, whether they are casually strolling or intentionally doing research.

Since many realtors and property specialists rely on 360 virtual tours and online open houses, websites with high-resolution images shot in different angles play a big role in getting interested sellers to reach out. If a real estate website gets you to stop and click through the image gallery, then you’re on the right track.

Less use of pop-ups

Anyone on the internet knows how smooth scrolling is a plus on any website or app. When a real estate website has many pop-up windows, it can be hard to explore the pages. The fewer subscription pop-ups, chatbots, and most especially ads, the more likely users will be compelled to stay.

When websites ask for contact information right away, such as your name and email address upon visiting the homepage, some users may find it time-consuming and might leave the website.

Conventional features 

In terms of the real-estate website’s unique clickbait-y features, you will want to sell your home on a platform that primarily caters to your needs. For example, a user-friendly search bar where you can type your specified location of interest and get results instantly.

Online platforms that show a map or a neighborhood guide makes for a good real estate website to sell your house. This is simply because these extra features elevate and extend the time and experience users spend on the website out of interest and curiosity.

The Bottom Line

The best website for selling a house is always going to depend on the user’s specific needs. Nevertheless, it’s a rule of thumb to trust reputable real estate websites while doing a little more background check on the home buyers. Whether it’s calling a few numbers on the website or searching their social media pages, it’s always a good idea to be thorough.

A good website to sell your house on will help you find the information you didn’t think you needed while also connecting you to potential home buyers and even home sellers who might have a few tips on how to get a quick sale. 

Indeed, digital marketing had turned the real estate market around and shaped the way we make moving and purchasing decisions. Best to stay informed, broaden your knowledge, and research before trusting any house quotations.

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