Why is My House Not Selling? 5 Possible Reasons and Solutions

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Home selling is a tricky venture many agents, brokers, and aspiring homeowners tussle over. With real estate trends continuously fluctuating, moving to better housing and neighborhoods is highly in demand. That’s why it’s essential to solve this dilemma – why is my house not selling?

Besides causing immense frustration for many homeowners, there are many reasons why your house isn’t selling. Here are some factors to consider why is your house not selling and how to solve them.

Why Is My House Not Selling?

1. Your home’s selling price is too steep

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Buying a home is one of the most significant investments any person is going to make. More often than not, the price often throws homebuyers off. If you list a duplex with faulty landscaping and no back doors, then it is bound to be overlooked.  

Before pricing your home based on all the mortgage computations and real estate taxes, ensure you do the research and consult with a realtor to get a fair yet competitive estimate. Their insights often show you the advantages your property has over other houses near your area.

Learning more about the housing market can also show you a few tell-tale signs to determine if your house is priced too high. Some of which is due to your property being listed higher than the comparable sales. Another sign is when your home is the only one in your neighborhood not getting noticed.

A definite fix is to lower your price but make sure your timing is right. According to Alisha Simpkins, a Californian real estate agent, sellers shouldn’t wait more than three weeks to consider a price drop.

2. Some of your house’s features don’t make the cut

Another possible reason your house isn’t selling is because of certain construction features. If your home is built unconventionally, other buyers may not understand or grasp its concept.

Resort to new ways of marketing your house. Some family homes are built with two living rooms and two kitchens but have no intersections to create a division. This example is an opportunity to reframe how to stage your house, so ensure you open the possibility of creating income opportunities to potential buyers.

Renovating extra spaces could also open up your home to renters or Airbnb listings that can give you extra income. Simultaneously, it opens up the neighborhood to people from different parts of the world.

3. The house listing is outdated and isn’t competing well online

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There are always up-and-coming changes in a neighborhood, such as new developments for more affordable housing, a new school opening, or a new co-working space within walking distance from the park. All these details can sway potential buyers into relocating into something more convenient.

If your house is not exactly in a busy zip code, chances are you would need to be more aggressive online. Using digital marketing to get your home noticed requires proper maintenance and consistency in terms of disseminating information. Ensure you’re constantly updating your listing with new details that buyers want to know about the house and its neighborhood.

Pictures of your house listing could affect the number of views and potential offers you’re getting. Capture the parts of your home that many people don’t often think about, and make sure your pictures are clear and have good lighting. Try to use a professional camera to capture photos instead of posting poorly lit images from your phone.

Try more advanced metrics like Search Engine Optimization (SEO), ensure you’re using the right keywords to get noticed by Google or Bing. This approach will provide analytics on how your house listing performs online, like which locations it’s being marketed to and the number of clicks you get.

4. You need to up your staging game

Many sellers are wondering, “why is my house not selling?” More often than not, the simple answer is that the staging needs to be improved. Some real estate brokers could assist you with this, but many hits and misses could affect potential offers if you prefer to stage your home by yourself.

Renovations and remodeling certain parts of the house aren’t enough to pin a buyer down. Sellers should be able to stage their homes efficiently since it can increase the chances of buyers placing an offer from 1% to 5% more, according to a survey by Homelight

Ensure you’re staging the most significant parts of your house, namely the living room, kitchen, and master bedroom. Use neutral colors to create warm, open spaces for textured furniture. Rent furniture if you wish to go for a particular theme in every room. Keep in mind that every room in your house should allow potential buyers to visualize themselves in the space.

5. Work on your curb appeal

Curb Appeal

Home sellers often overlook landscaping because they get caught up with only the interiors of the house they’re trying to sell. Look at the bigger picture and zoom out of the house. You will start to see red flags about the yard, and you must do so before anyone else notices.

Many home-buying decisions are based on appeal, functionality, and intuition, which are often dictated by the first impression. First impressions are usually caught at the curb when they drive through and see your front yard.

If you have untrimmed grass, dried-out succulents, and petals scattered all over your garden, it could affect your selling potential. According to sales data from Denver real estate, the 88,980 properties in the metro area play a significant role in a home’s value. It’s important to consider how much landscaping can cost when staging, so consider mowing your lawn and trimming some bushes. 

If that’s not thorough enough, try hiring a landscaper to revamp your greenery or commission a neighbor you’re friendly with to get in touch with their yard-keeper. These small steps could give you a leg up to win home buyers on the first impression.

Make More Noise!

If it’s your first time selling a home, keep in mind that the process is a sprint and not a marathon. Weigh all the costs and opportunities, do the research, get some professional insight, and be proactive when it comes to updating your listing online. 

The renovations and remodeling could only get you so far. Go for a more strategic angle when selling a home; the best-case scenario is that you touch the hearts of a buyer and help them see a new home to live in.
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