Single family house for sale in Dearborn


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Do you have a house you need to sell fast? Old property?  Fully depreciated? Needs large amounts of restoration? Whatever the condition of your house is, we’d be willing to negotiate a cash offer for you. We are here to help you!

 WE BUY HOUSES located in Dearborn at an agreeable price! There are many reasons for wanting to sell a house. To name a few, property foreclosures, loans from financial intermediaries, insolvency, bankruptcy, maturing mortgage obligations, and unsettled liens. 

If you are currently a tenant of the property you want to sell even with outstanding rental obligations. Most importantly, we assume our clients’ financial obligations attached to the ownership of the said property. WE NEGOTIATE JUST AND FAIR CASH OFFERS TO OUR CLIENTS. 

 “Opportunity often comes in the disguise of misfortune or temporary defeat.” Whatever your situation is, don’t let your circumstances get on top of you.  We’ve helped other homeowners and we’d love to help you. So why wait any longer? Call us today or visit our website for a free no-obligation consultation