Vinyl type with blue painted roof home for sale in Southfield


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We BUY HOUSES anywhere in Southfield and provide a reasonable CASH OFFER to our sellers. Our company purchases, rehabs and then sells houses at a profit. Offers are made to sellers based on market value and repairs needed. We will do every possible thing to bring forth the highest possible offer to consider on how you can have the most benefit from dealing with a fast sale.

Our team will help you avoid the stress, difficulty, and complications of trying to sell your property at a fair and just price especially if you desperately or immediately need the cash. Is your house highly deteriorated? Uninhabitable? Need regular and costly repairs? Fully depreciated?

You would not need to worry if your house, apartment or condominium is in that shape for we buy houses “AS IS”, in any condition or in any shape whatsoever and for whatever reason. Foreclosure? Loans? Insolvency? Outstanding mortgage obligations? Accrued taxes? Liens? Unpaid rental payments? We assume all the obligations there is upon the sale of the property.

As the owner, you have the choice to sell or not sell. Once you accept, you will receive an offer and make a single decision. To note, the opportunity is everywhere. The key is to develop the vision to see it. We are serving our purpose to help you visualize yourself free from the burden of the old property. All you need to do is contact us and get the available offers. Message us for further details.